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This episode is brought to you by ISCAR with New Ideas for Machining Intelligently.

MoldMaking Technology’s 30 Under 30 Honors Program shows off the next-generation of talent making an impact across the mold manufacturing marketplace. Their stories are impressive and their energy is incredible! Working on this program has only increased my passion for this community!

Here are just a few tidbits from this 30 Under 30 honoree to whet your appetite for our full conversation:

  • “I am a moldmaker and I do everything every day. It is always different.”
  • “I was a Lego kid and in my spare time I worked on cars and motorcycles. Plus, I come from a family of toolmakers.”
  • “I love working with my hands and machining.”
  • Being in 10 different places at once within this small company.
  • 3D software and CNC was mind blowing to Jacob.
  • Today’s shop is a like a lab not a factory.
  • Thrives on fixing tools with a little reverse engineering.
  • Understanding mentoring is a two-way street.
  • Working hard and learning are key to success.
  • Wants to follow in his great grandfather’s footsteps and own a tool shop one day.
  • The beauty of the future is options are wide open.


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