MMT Chats: 5 in 5 with Eden Tool Company and Eden Manufacturing

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges reveals five best practices for improving efficiencies in culture, technology, process, measuring success and staying competitive in 5 minutes with Eden Tool Company and Eden Manufacturing.
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MMT Chats: The Value of Digging Deeper

Maybe it’s his passion for scuba diving, but this operations manager for X-Cell Tool and Mold loves digging deeper into relationships and mold projects. Brian Dippel chats with me about moldmaking, molding, business management, work ethic, employee-centered culture, expansion, customer relationships, deodorant sticks, acquisition and yes, scuba diving.
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MMT Chats: Hot Rods, Performance, Predictable Manufacturing and Building a Legacy

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges chats with three team members of Eden Tool Company and Eden Manufacturing to learn the "details" about how this mold builder also became a manufacturer of engineered medical components.
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MMT Chats: Mold Design Meets Product Development & Education

For this MMT Chat, my guest is Rick Seaberg, an engineering manager for Medline Industries of Northfield, Illinois. He is also one of MMT’s newer Editorial Advisory Board members. Rick and I take a trip down memory lane and then look forward to today’s trends and challenges in mold design and engineering.

MMT Chats: The Merging, Marketing and Manpower of a Moldmaking/Molding Company

For this MMT Chat, my guest is Andy Peterson CEO of Pyramid Molding Group (Industrial Molds and Pyramid Plastics) in Rockford, Illinois, who shares his take on the strengths of bringing a mold shop and molding facility together under one group.

MMT Chats: Removing Roadblocks for the Team and Customer

James Jergens, Operations Manager for Ernie Green Industries chats with me about supply chain management changes, tooling, purchasing advice, and leadership’s impact on efficiency.

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MMT Chats: Acquisition Trends and Lessons for Mold Builders

Jim Berklas is a former full-time M&A lawyer for several of the largest private equity firms in the country and has 25 years of M&A experience and 200 closed transaction. Today, he is founder and M&A Leader with Augmented Industry Services. He joins me for this MMT Chat on mergers and acquisitions trends and strategies within in the mold manufacturing industry.
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MMT Chats: Composites, Putting Material Only Where You Want It and the Impact on Tooling

For this MMT Chat, my guests are Robert Graup, Toolroom Manager for Intex Tooling Technologies (who is also a new MMT Editorial Advisory Board member) and Naithan Loach senior product manager with Axiom Group, who are willing to share details about their current work on continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics composites and its impact on tooling.

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MMT Chats: The All or Nothing Approach to ERP

For this MMT Chat, my guests hail from Omega Tool of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, who share their journey with using enterprise resource planning (ERP)—and their people—to solve their schedule and capacity load monitoring challenges.

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