MMT Chats: Remoting, Reaching Out and Ramping Up Recyclable PPE

Two members of the Axiom, Intex Tooling and Smart Attend team chat about COVID-19's impact on the business, employee morale across the business units, and the switch to producing and selling recyclable face shields.  
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My guests today are with a group of companies that have recently turned production over to manufacture face shields.  Meet Max Preston General Manager for Smart Attend and Robert Graup General Manager for Intex Tooling  (and a new MoldMaking Technology Editorial Advisory Board member).

The conversation examines the COVID-19 impact on business and the precautions taken across both facilities, as well as leadership’s strong focus on employee morale. 

I then ask them both to dive into the details of the face shield project they took that was centered around recyclable material, and the URL they set up so companies can purchase these face shields.

Click here for the full 20-minute conversation.

During a recent call to discuss the company’s online showroom

for Amerimold Connects (our new remote events experience to help the mold manufacturing community stay connected this year), Smart Attend General Manager Max Preston proudly sports the face shield designed and manufactured by the teams at Axiom, Intex Tooling and Smart Attend.