Just a Smart Phone and Some Simple Concepts

Video is a dynamic way to tell your shop’s story and gain the attention of current and potential customers, and MoldMaking Technology is always looking for compelling process and people videos to support stories or our online video archives. 


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For simpler projects and purposes—and when time and budget are an issue—forget the need for fancy video equipment and try using today’s common technologies. 

Here is some advice from Andrea Siy, founder of S!Y Communications, who has been a member of the plastics industry since the early 1990s.

“You can be your own best videographer. Today, with virtually every employee carrying a smart phone with high-definition quality video capability and GoPro cameras everywhere, access to raw video footage is a lot easier. The job now is to develop a strategic plan for shooting and producing videos and then determine how best to edit and distribute the footage.

You can still use your smart phone, but you should keep your video on brand. Do not release a poorly produced video, and keep the sound quality in mind. Use a microphone and be sure that the background noise is eliminated. For lighting quality, use spotlights or shoot in well-lit areas.  You have built your company on quality products and services, and you need quality video that will make that point. Do not drag on—people will be more receptive to a few short videos that show the personality of your company than longer, overly polished videos.

“How to” videos are the most impactful. Viewers always give the highest score to customer endorsements that also show how the customer benefited by working with your company. Film yourself showing what your product or service can do, and do not be afraid to show your personality along the way. Another option is conducting a Q&A. It’s more interesting to watch two people sharing questions than to watch a single person speaking to a camera. Plus, it highlights your company’s experts.

Online videos receive three times more clicks than articles not using video. You do not need a fancy studio or big budget to create compelling video, just a smart phone and some simple concepts.

Once you have videos produced be sure to maximize their effect by sharing them on all your marketing channels. For example, post them on your YouTube channel and website, play them at events, embed them into your email blasts and share them on social media.

Developing an effective video marketing strategy is key. First, consider the audience you expect watch the videos. The answer will drive your message, the visuals and the overall tone of your video. Establish a key message you want to communicate, which is clear, concise and conducive to educating, inspiring, or influencing your audience.  Once you have your message identified, think about the visuals you will use to get the message across. Consider any specific events, scenarios or people who would need to be scheduled for the video shoot. Finally, determine the audience action item after viewing a video. For example, a phone call, a visit to your website.”

Give it a try and send it my way for review for MMT.


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