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A scorecard/test that will be sent to attendees after registration is complete. Presenters will review the components of the test, provide instructions for taking the test and will then reveal and explain the 5 scoring ranges so attendees can gauge their toolroom’s 4.0 mold maintenance documentation capabilities. Photo Credit: Mold Trax

Mold maintenance has moved up the priority list of many toolrooms across the mold manufacturing supply chain this past year, so in addition to MoldMaking Technology’s three-part Scientific Maintenance article series with mold maintenance expert Steve Johnson of Mold Trax, we thought a webinar was in order to dig a little deeper.

This free webinar on March 30 at 2PM EST will offer a live scorecard activity that will reveal your toolroom’s 4.0 mold maintenance documentation capabilities.   

When completed, the 5 scoring ranges (Reactive, Basic, Average, Best Practice and World Class) will be displayed on screen, so attendees can see where their toolrooms place on the scorecard. Presenters Steve Johnson and Glenn Keith of Mold Trax will then walk attendees through the industry’s average mold maintenance score and open the discussion up for Q&A.

Primary topics include:

  • The importance of moving to a 4.0 maintenance culture for OEMs, molders, tool designers and builders, toolroom managers and repair technicians
  • The 8 factors of better mold performance
  • The value of shop floor language standardization and how to take the first step


  • Cleaning Molds: Part II

    Even though hand cleaning will never be completely eliminated, ice blasting is an alternative cleaning method that can effectively reduce cleaning time and cost.

  • Cleaning Intricate Molds

    A look at non-destructive cleaning processes for complex molds that require the removal of tenacious surface contamination to ensure surface quality and longevity of precision mold and molded part surfaces.

  • Understanding the Effect of Pressure in the Cavity

    Molders offer a moving target for moldmakers to adjust to by producing parts with different cavity pressures.