Editorial Guidelines: Press Releases

MoldMaking Technology welcomes press releases for news and for products and services related to the moldmaking industry. 


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The Products section of MoldMaking Technology (MMT) highlights equipment, software, components, services and other mold-specific innovations. Products appear online and in print. MMT will edit submitted product material and post it online without seeking final
contributor approval.

Tips on Providing Material that Targets a Moldmaking Audience

If you want to capture the attention of your intended audience, you first must capture the editor’s attention. Keep in mind that editors receive an abundance of press materials that must be reviewed for relevance. MoldMaking Technology serves a niche audience, and
it consequently strives to provide material that directly engages moldmakers and not simply manufacturing professionals more generally. Generic, one-size-fits-all product submissions fail to demonstrate to moldmakers exactly why a product is suitable for their unique processes and the challenges that they face. In submitting material to MoldMaking Technology for consideration, think about how your product fulfills a need or solves a problem that moldmakers have, and be sure that that the press material clearly explains how the product provides a solution to that problem or adds value.

Product Guidelines

MMT is looking for material that:

  • highlights a new product or that highlights a new feature or improvement on an existing product
  • calls out a specific moldmaking application, feature or function within a product
  • is rich in other details about the product
  • is 200-500 words in length
  • includes a high-resolution (300 dpi) photo of the product or a screenshot of the software (if that is applicable)

Show Product Guidelines

When submitting a product for a show, MMT is looking for material with:

  • hall names and booth numbers
  • a description of the product(s) that will be on display
  • highlights new technology, feature or function of particular interest to the mold market
  • company news
  • booth demonstrations (if any)
  • a high-resolution (300 dpi) photo of the product or a screenshot of the software (if that is applicable) of what will be displayed

Guidelines for What to Avoid

 MMT will not publish:

  • highly self-promotional material
  • information about cost, price or sales
  • information about shows that we do not cover (please see our media kit to confirm our coverage of a specific show)
  • products that are not relevant to the moldmaking industry
  • photos that do not feature the product, are abstract or that have poor resolution (<300 dpi)
  • logos or ad copy
  • disparaging information about other brands or products


The news stream at the homepage of MoldMaking Technology highlights new information on recent hires, acquisitions, partnerships, announcements about advances in products or services and other noteworthy developments in the industry. News appears online only. MMT will edit submitted news material and post it online without seeking final contributor approval. MMT will not run submitted material that is not relevant to the moldmaking industry, is highly self-promotional or includes information on topics that the brand does not cover. MMT does not run news content containing disparaging information on other brands.

Contact Christina Fuges with questions or with press release material. Christina is available
at cfuges@gardnerweb.com