Editorial Advisory Board: Favorite Videos of 2019

MoldMaking Technology’s editorial advisors weigh in on top video picks from the MMT online archives.
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With the ever-increasing popularity of videos in the media, especially in social media, MoldMaking Technology continues to bring the moldmaking industry a variety of eye- and mind-pleasing content. The fruits of our labors can be found online at moldmakingtechnology.com, and we asked our Editorial Advisory Board members to let us know their top picks from videos released in the last year.

The number one video is Mold Maker Solves Skilled Labor Shortage by Changing Company Culture. This video was a collaboration between MMT and sister publication Modern Machine Shop. It was released about eight months ago and has more than 1.1K views! Viewers learn how Westminster Tool (Plainfield, Connecticut) created a unique company culture by using a solid onboarding program, personality profiles and learning styles to quickly and effectively grow its own skilled workforce.

With an equally impressive number of views, our video featuring the 2019 Leadtime Leader Award winner is another top pick. X-Cell Tool and Mold (Fairview, Pennsylvania) captured the attention of our EAB and our readers, and for an obvious reason: To learn about X-Cell’s strategies for success.


Other top picks included:

MoldMaking Technology and Autodesk Discuss Connected Design and Manufacturing. Here, Jamie Sciturro, Technical Solution Executive for Autodesk Inc., provides a brief overview of connected design and manufacturing and what it means to the OEM, molder and moldmaker.

Part of a larger feature, 3 Ways a Small Mold Builder Uses 3D Printing is a video filmed at Amerimold 2019. In it, Byrne Tool + Design’s Design Center Manager Marc Mitchell shares how the company uses 3D printing for prototyping and one-shot molds.

How Water Flow Monitoring Optimizes Mold Production has shown numerous viewers how important it is to monitor water flow and temperature through a mold. Progressive Components’ Rebecca Hamstra provides a great overview of how having the proper tools with which to track and report these measurements leads to overall optimization of a mold’s performance.