Shop Shares Specific Successful Strategies for Training and Retaining Talent

Owners, engineers, mold builders and human resource professionals from small to mid-size mold shops and molding facilities, as well as OEMs, tuned in for a full hour, as Director of Talent Development Kylee Carbone broke down the talent strategy at Westminster Tool, which although successful has had its challenges.  
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Not only did attendees of the recent Developing the Next Generation of Manufacturer webinar (presented for free by Westminster Tool and MoldMaking Technology) listen, they asked a lot of questions.

  • How many hours a week are trainees in work or school?
  • What books are getting used?
  • What is the way you develop internal champions to get out in front of the large companies?
  • Did you develop the process for the training map or did you use an existing resource?
  • If you developed it, how long do you estimate this took and level of resources needed?
  • Any problems with keeping people engaged? We often hire on lower skill machines and train but struggle to retain because they want to move up in 2-6 months.
  • How to manage a situation if during the training the new employee turns out not be as you thought?
  • Are there safety requirements (insurance requirements) to bringing in a job shadow?
  • Do you offer a paid internship?
  • What has been your greatest challenge through this venture?
  • Is everyone required to know the vision and the core values of the company?
  • Who developed the maps? Management? The Coach?
  • What is the biggest change in the company since starting this process?
  • How do you secure buy-in from everyone?
  • Explain the no exceptions rule.
  • Explain the loss of valued employees, friends, tribal knowledge?
  • Was there any risk to putting a hold on technology investment?
  • Impact on morale, productivity?
  • In an industry where tribal knowledge is king, how have you made it work?
  • What are you working on now?

If you want to hear the answers, click here to listen to the FREE archived webinar. While there check out our other webinars, both archived and upcoming.

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