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This episode is brought to you by ISCAR with New Ideas for Machining Intelligently.

TK Mold & Engineering President Tom Barr, Mold Designer Jonny Salter and Apprentice Nick Baetens share their insights and lessons learned by stepping outside of the shop and having the team involved in the AMBA’s Emerging Leader Meet a Mentor program.

Here are a few tidbits from Part 2 of this 20-minute Chat to whet your appetite:

  • Started back in 2019 this 40-and-Under crowd with the Emerging Leaders Program has 120 members, representing 60 companies.
  • Guided virtual and in-person events via Zoom and the Annual AMBA Conference June in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Sharing with your peers is invaluable and inspirational.
  • TK’s whole team joins each session with a presentation from a seasoned pro or two on a specific topic which then offers up homework and a follow-up session to build upon what the team learns.
  • -Extreme ownership and leading to improve your company; owning decisions, learning from mistakes, etc.
  • How to view risk in the work environment; potential effects of risk can be positive or negative.
  • The learning goes beyond the shop.
  • You are more than just an employee within the business. Each role is equally as important.
  • TK Mold applied the “no excuses” mantra they learned during Meet a Mentor almost immediately back at the shop


For the full quick chat, watch above, and for more MMT Chats, click here. This episode is brought to you by ISCAR with New Ideas for Machining Intelligently.