Wowing the Crowd with Welding

MMT's "Under the Scope" columnist Eric Hild wowed a crowd of students with welding technology at a local career night.


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Walt Kopp, of Kopp Welding, joined Eric Hild at a local career night to explain welding to students.

MMT's Under the Scope columnist Eric Hild wowed a crowd of students with welding technology at a local career night. Here's his personal account of the evening:

"Recently, I was invited to attend a Career Night for a local middle school. I am welder by trade and my main task is doing repairs for the molding industry, as well as fabrication. Discussing my career as a welder in front of pre-teens is not something I have done before, so I thought it would be interesting to see what it’s like. So I went, and I’m glad I did. The event reinforced for me why I am in this industry and why kids need to learn about manufacturing.

"I was told that I would be sitting at a table with students walking up to ask questions they had written down. I prepared for the event by taking pictures and videos of the work I do every day. In addition, I brought in some samples of various welds to demonstrate the ways welding is used in manufacturing. Christina Fuges of MoldMaking Technology and Francine Petrucci, the Chicago Chapter President of the AMBA, provided print material and DVDs regarding the moldmaking industry, so I could show the students the industries I serve with my welding expertise.  I also invited Walt Kopp of Kopp Welding and Laser Technology to attend and help me promote our work and answer questions from the students.

"As we were fielding questions from students, I learned that many of them had no idea what it means to 'weld,' so the pictures, videos and samples we prepared came in handy. We received all types of questions regarding the safety of welding and what schools have welding classes. Some students were particularly intrigued when we showed different types of fabrication, such as building tables and chairs. One student referred to it as 'like building Legos!'”

"The most-asked question was why we liked our jobs. We shared that we like to work with our hands and how rewarding it is to build something permanent by the end of your work day. It was nice to have the opportunity to show kids the opportunities that are out there for them in manufacturing.

"Thank you to Jennifer Goetz, PTA Secretary for Carpentersville Middle School for inviting us!"

Maybe it's time for you to do a local career night to promote the wonderful work you do to the next generation.