April MMT Digital Edition Available

This month we take a look at how to optimize high-performance polymer molding, how to solve the part-sticking challenge, how to get more coolant flow through smaller bubblers, how to strengthen manufacturing through advocacy, and much more.


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April's cover from Husky Injection Molding Systems shows a two-material hot runner with Ultra 750 and Ultra 500 valve gates for a complex automotive application. Husky’s new Ultra Helix valve gates are designed for excellent gate quality and long life providing the lowest cost of ownership. See related story on page 12 of our digital edition.

Here are five great tips from this month's issue:

1  For high-temperature polymers, care must be taken to ensure that the hot runner manifold is thermally stable with no dead spots or areas where the material can sit and degrade. 

2 Nanocomposite diamond-like-carbon coatings have molecular additives to reduce internal film stress and modify surface properties. 

3  As the shape of a water passage deviate from round, the perimeter increases relative to the area of the opening. As the length of the perimeter increases, the pressure to force fluids increases. 

4  To help promote manufacturing to our youth at industry events, staff company tabletops and booths with apprentices who can better relate with young people. 

5   Laser-cutting removes PCD material in very small increments using a highly concentrated, precise beam of light.