Another Look at a Compelling Succession Story

An article in a sister publication offers a nice complement to MMT’s own coverage of the Bales sisters, who took over their company under tragic circumstances.


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Stacey Bales (left) and Sarah Mortenson took over Bales Metal Surface Solutions in 2009. (Image courtesy of Bales.) 

A few weeks back, I wrote a blog post on what’s been going on the past few years at Bales Metal Surface Solutions, a company that offers a particularly compelling succession story. Recently, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that our sister publication, Products Finishing, has also gotten in on the act.

Written by chief editor Tim Pennington, this coverage outlines how Stacey and Sarah Bales took over their father’s company in the wake of his tragic and unexpected passing. Whereas my own blog focused on how the company’s sales, capacity and capabilities have all increased markedly since then, Tim’s story provides a great look at the human side, detailing the trials, tribulations and eventual triumphs of the sisters’ journey. It’s well-worth a read.