What is Scientific Maintenance? Part 3

Part three of this three-part series explains how to use maintenance data, set targets and goals for improvement, and allow better, faster, and more accurate mold and part troubleshooting.
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COAST Systems Delivers Complete Mold Management Solutions

Amerimold 2021 exhibitor COAST Systems drives to transform mold manufacturers’ capabilities to manage, monitor, and control mold assets.

Injection Mold Networking Software Application Reduces Mold Transfer Inefficiency

The Hub for Mold Transfer offered by RJG facilitates standardized processes, improves organizational efficiency and ensures proper mold and machine matching across global facilities.

CNC Machine Simulation Software Supports 3D Interface to Verify, Simulate and Optimize NC Programs

CGTech’s Vericut software can now read in GDML files with 3DLive, which enables users to easily obtain machine-specific information and manually build digital twin machines.

InnovMetric Launches PolyWorks | DataLoop PLM Connectors

Interconnected product lifecycle management and 3D measurement digital ecosystems to facilitate sharing of product definition and provide direct access to 3D measurement data.

Siemens, SAP Expand Partnership to Deliver Intelligent Service and Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions

Cloud-based solutions close the loop between IT and OT systems through a model-based digital thread, enabling real-time business information, feedback and performance data over the entire product or asset lifecycle.

Free Webinar Today: Is Your Mold Maintenance Documentation Reactive, Basic, Average, Best Practice or World Class?

Find out in this free webinar that will not only review the changing mold maintenance landscape, explain the importance of a 4.0 culture, break down the 8 factors of mold performance, provide examples of “futile” work order systems, instruct how to create standard terms, it will also score your toolroom’s mold maintenance documentation strategies.  

What is Scientific Maintenance? Part 2

Part two of this three-part series explains specific data that toolrooms must collect, analyze and use to truly advance to a scientific maintenance culture where you can measure real data and drive decisions.

Do You Know Your Toolroom's Mold Maintenance Documentation Score?

Does your toolroom have a Reactive, Basic, Average, Best Practice or World Class culture when it comes to collecting and using Industry 4.0-type mold maintenance documentation? Steve Johnson and Glenn Keith of MoldTrax will help you answer that question during this FREE webinar on March 30 at 2PM EST.

Free Webinar: Score Your Shop's Mold Maintenance Documentation

Mark your calendars to attend a free webinar on March 30 at 2PM EST that will help you score your shop’s Industry 4.0 mold maintenance documentation practices.


VIDEO: 2020 Leadtime Leader Winner Shares Business Strategies with CNC Machine Shops

Emily Probst, Senior Editor with Modern Machine Shop reached out to me to chat about our 2020 Leadtime Leader Winner Precise Tooling Solutions to learn about key business aspects of this winning specialty manufacturer to share with her CNC machine shop readers.

Tooling 4.0: Connecting Industry 4.0 Technology to Your Molds and Molding Process  

A packaging supplier applies Industry 4.0 technology to its injection molds so that components talk to each another to understand the dynamics of what is happening inside the mold.

VIDEO: What Does Connected Design and Manufacturing Actually Mean?

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges chats with Jamie Sciturro, Technical Solution Executive for Autodesk about connected design and manufacturing, what it means to the OEM, molder and mold builder, how it is disrupting traditional manufacturing and future advancements.

Engineering-Centric ERP Helps Mold Builders Keep Up with Constant Changes

Mold builders operating on thin margins must create a competitive edge, reduce costs, and improve profit margins. In the engineer-to-order (ETO) environment, reducing duplications and eliminating errors can only happen by gaining control over manufacturing processes.

How to Get Started with AI Integration

Before you dive into the world of artificial intelligence (AI), you need the data, and before the data, you need to start at the beginning.

Integrated CAM Solutions Improve CAD Data Access and Reuse

Integration of HOOPS Exchange, with OPEN MIND hyperMILL and hyperCAD-S tools maintain product manufacturing information and data integrity.

What Is Scientific Maintenance? Part 1

Part one of this three-part series explains how to create a scientific maintenance plan based on a toolroom’s current data collection and usage.

MMT Chats: The All or Nothing Approach to ERP

For this MMT Chat, my guests hail from Omega Tool of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, who share their journey with using enterprise resource planning (ERP)—and their people—to solve their schedule and capacity load monitoring challenges.

How to Optimize Quoting with Geometry-Guided Automation

Automated quoting improves efficiency, reduces bottlenecks, increases production speed and trims costs for mold builders.