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Published: 5/21/2019

Surface Solutions Products Protect from Abrasion and Corrosion

Bales Metal Surface Solutions provides cost-effective, high quality solutions to extend mold life by protecting from abrasion and corrosion, while also aiding part release.

Published: 5/20/2019

Machining Center’s Operational Design Suited for Precision

Heidenhain Corporation will display the TNC 640 high performance mill-turn control with a workshop-oriented operational design and functions for users at Amerimold.

Published: 5/16/2019

Drilling and Machining Centers Match Capabilities to Production Needs

Unisig will highlight its recently expanded line of deep hole drilling and machining centers for moldmaking applications at AmeriMold.

Published: 5/16/2019

Software Offers Range of Features and Enhancements

Open Mind Technologies will showcase the advanced capabilities of hyperMILL CAM software at Amerimold.

Published: 5/15/2019

Software Package Programs Boost Mold Design Efficiency

Top Solid/Missler Software Inc. offers several software package programs.

Published: 5/8/2019

Hot Runner Solutions Provide Leak Protection, Precision Control and Wear Reduction

Mastip announces several cost-effective hot runner solutions, ideal for commodity and engineering grade polymers in segments including medical, electrical, appliances, packaging, electronic, engineering and automotive.

Published: 5/2/2019

Cutting Sprue Bushing Enables Feeding Plastic Components Near Mold's Center

DMS adds Almo’s cutting sprue bushing to its range of edge gate cutting components.

Published: 5/1/2019

Sinker EDMs Increase Productivity and Reduce Electrode Wear

Makino releases an upgraded version of the high accuracy EDAF2 and EDAF3 Sinker EDMs with developments that increase productivity while reducing electrode wear.

Published: 4/29/2019

DLC-Coated Flat Guiding Stock Offers Optimal Sliding Properties

The E 3174 flat guiding stock from Meusburger offers optimal sliding properties and minimal wear because of the diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated surface.

Published: 4/25/2019

Software Update Offers Extended Range of Functions

Version 11 of Simcon Kunstofftechnische Software GmbH’s Cadmould simulation software offers an extended range of functions.