11/1/2011 | 3 MINUTE READ

Solic Carbide Drill Line Expansion

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Walter Titex X-treme expansion

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Walter USA (Waukesha, WI) has expanded its Walter Titex X-treme™  solid carbide high-performance drills, currently in use in a wide variety of industries including automotive, energy, die and mold and general metalworking applications are now available as non-coolant thru drills. Like the popular internally-cooled series, these non coolant thru X-treme drills are available from 1/8" to ¾" (3 to 25 mm) diameter and can be used with all common materials. Like the internally cooled line, these new Walter Titex X-treme drills feature a four-margin design which improves the stability of the drills relative to the workpiece. This enables the drills to maintain position at the point of entrance or exit, and also when machining inclined surfaces.

This improvement in drill stability boosts both process reliability and productivity, even in critical drilling situations. That’s because in many cases the processing time for components is reduced, as the user is able to forego prep operations such as milling a flat surface or drilling pilot holes. The four margins also ensure an improved hole surface finish.

All drills in the Walter Titex X-treme solid carbide series boast an advanced aluminum chromium nitride-based XPL coating. In addition to the universal use of the tools for all ISO material groups, the tools also deliver enhanced tool life. Other features of this range of products include a 140 degree point angle and a cylindrical shank or whistle-notch shank according to DIN 6535. The h6 shank tolerance is suitable for shrink fit chucks.

The company also has added a tough new grade to the Walter Valenite indexable milling grade family. The existing universal WKP35S grade is now joined by WKP25S, a CVD-Al2O3-coated insert that permits higher feed and speed rates, and higher rates of metal removal, particularly in the machining of steel and castings.

This newly developed Tiger∙tec® Silver WKP25S milling/cutting grade maximizes productivity through its ability to process all steels at high cutting speeds as well as with high average feed rates, yet increases process reliability through its high wear resistance, toughness and shock resistance. Plus, its proven bicolor coating also guarantees efficient wear detection. In addition, the new grade racks up similar improvements over conventional tooling in the machining of tool steels with strengths greater than 1000 N/mm2 and when used in difficult conditions such as wet machining or machining materials with high tensile strength.

The new grade also excels in the machining of gray cast iron or cast iron containing vermicular graphite. It can process these hard to cut materials at average to high cutting speeds and average feed rates. The new grade is also ideal for difficult cutting conditions so often encountered when machining these materials, such as fluctuating material removal or severely interrupted cuts.

Currently, Tiger∙tec® Silver WKP25S is available for all of the popular tools in the Walter Valenite Xtra•tec® range, including; Face and shoulder mills F4041 and F4042; Side and face mills F4053, F4153 and F4253 and porcupine cutters F4038, F4138, F4238 and F4338. Other inserts for drilling and turning are also in development.

The company also has several new additions to its Walter Prototyp ConeFit™ modular solid carbide milling system. Prominent among these are the spade-type changeable cutting heads. These insert-like compression molded cutting heads, called “spade type” because of their double-edged, spade-like shape, are particularly suited for copy and plunge milling, chamfering, centering and spot-facing holes, as well as virtually any application where large chip clearance is needed. They are well suited for applications which require only two cutting edges, and for use with two-flute cutters.