Job Tracking Software Streamlines Shopfloor Processes

TST Tooling is demonstrating how its TSTracker and Estimator job tracking software streamlines the shop floor process at Amerimold 2018.


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TST Tooling is demonstrating its TSTracker and Estimator software at Amerimold 2018, showcasing how the job tracking software streamlines shop floor processes and increases the client’s bottom line. The company also distributes VISI CAD/ CAM/ CAE and VISI-PEPS laser and wire software. According to the company, these programs are known globally for the competitive advantage they provide to the tooling industry in the design and manufacturing of plastic injection molds, 2D through five-axis milling, electrode production and others, servicing a multitude of manufacturing industry sectors such as automotive, electronic, medical and aerospace. The company also sells and supports Factory Wiz Monitoring and DNC software and DYNAFORM Simulation software for the tool and die industry.