Integrated Manufacturing System Connects Process Platforms, Streamlines Cutting Tool Production

ANCA’s AIMS uses smart automation and IT integration to connect tool production processes and systems for maximized productivity and end-to-end tool manufacturing.


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ANCA AIMs automation system.

Photo Credit: ANCA Inc.

ANCA Inc. introduces AIMS (ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System), a system that connects sequential processes in tool manufacturing to facilitate streamlined tool production. Linking separate processes and factory IT systems to each other, AIMS simultaneously provides versatile, modular options for common manufacturing challenges to optimize cutting tool production. Wasteful manual handling is eliminated, machine downtime between batches is reduced and the system takes away the need to have operators constantly monitoring and adjusting production machines.

Further, ANCA automation has been consistently used to reduce production costs by 50% as well as improve product quality and boost productivity.

AIMS offers functionality that is adaptable to each factory’s needs, from being deployed to a single process or across an entire production line. Central to the AIMS system, the AIMS Server manages data flows between the elements of the AIMS system and established IT platforms, (e.g. ERP systems). Customers are also able to choose from a suite of “auto” solutions for reducing production costs, resolving labor challenges and integrating systems to improve product and process quality. Transferring tools between operations with AutoFetch robot options; fully automated tool measurement and process compensation using AutoComp; and managing data via the AutoSet hub are a few options that AIMS offers.

For complete tool production, ANCA’s AutoMarkX automated laser tool marking will work seamlessly alongside ANCA CNC grinders and automates the tool marking process, further extending unmanned production operations.    

AutoMarks tool system

Photo Credit: ANCA Inc.

Designed for integrated with AIMS, AutoMarkX is capable of automated pallet loading and completing the tool laser marking process. The product can also automatically receive and dispatch pallets from AutoFetch, while its connectivity to the AIMS Server provides details of the message to be marked on the tools. 

Further, AutoMarkX accommodates a variety of tool sizes, as well as mixed batches. It includes an easy-to-use interface and customizable marking.


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