Hydraulic Block Cylinders Improve Interchangeability and Maintenance

Cumsa USA releases a line of hydraulic block cylinders that are technically reliable and designed for the high standards required in the moldmaking industry.


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Cumsa USA expands its product offerings with its own line of block cylinders in multiple sizes and mounting styles. Specifically designed for the high standards required in the moldmaking industry, the block cylinders use magnetic sensors with steel cylinders and an extended rod with a hole for a dowel pin or screw to prevent wrench trapping. The included centering and locking bushing for models A and B provides simple installation, and they are rod finished with oxide to avoid rust and set up with Viton O-rings. Models C and D are cartridge cylinders designed for molds that create a modular system to improve interchangeability and maintenance. They utilize a pre-installed sensor housing to incorporate an end-of-stroke detector and threaded oil ports which enable 360-degree tube orientation. Cartridge cylinders have standard strokes up to 180 mm, although longer customized strokes may be available upon request. For high temperature molds, cooled cylinders are available, too. All cylinder models include mounting screws.





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