Dual Spindle Edge Milling Machine Offers Speed and Accuracy

Superior Die expands its mold plate machining services by investing in a precision dual spindle edge milling machine that boosts machining accuracy, reduces lead times and lowers costs.
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Superior Die Set expands its mold plate machining services by using a precision dual spindle edge milling machine. This machine mills the edges of plates to within .002" TIR with a maximum capacity of 16" high x 48" square. The dual spindle action rapidly removes material on two opposing edges, then indexes 90 degrees and completes the process so that all four sides are milled square and parallel. Super Die Set says that this high-speed action provides lower costs and reduced lead times and the micro finish produced by this machine typically surpasses 32 Ra.

Additional machining options include waterlines, quick-disconnect c’bores, side lock pockets, clamp slots, roughed cavity pockets, and FCS System ‘clamping seats’ holes. Superior Die Set says that the FCS System is a powerful and accurate method of work holding that eliminates typical clamping and indicating techniques and will enhance your production process. The system enables the plate to go easily onto the machining center for 3D mold work.


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