Conformal Cooling Products Maximize Efficiency

Originally titled 'Conformal Cooling Products Maximize Efficiency'

DME says its TruCool product and services line provides greater overall cooling coverage with even distribution while maintaining a consistent temperature and reducing cycle times by as much as 60 percent.

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TruCool Conformal Cooling from DME is designed to maximize cooling efficiency through 3D metal manufacturing. This line of conformal cooling products with complex cooling channels conforming to the part surface geometry provides greater overall cooling coverage with even distribution while maintaining a targeted, consistent temperature and reducing cycle times by as much as 60 percent. DME announces three new products and services to the TruCool product and services line. First, DME says that DME Design Services builds on decades of moldmaking, mold design, thermal analysis and conformal channel design to provide customers with the most reliable, robust and efficient mold design. Second, DME’s new cooling DME says that Aftermarket Services and Equipment provides the ultimate cooling channel cleaning, diagnostics and maintenance. It comes with the ability to trouble shoot, clean and descale both conventional and conformal cooling water channels to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of intricate conformal and conventional cooling through a closed loop, computer-controlled, automated process. Third, DME announces its new line of TruCool “Standard” conformal-cooled components, including core pins, gates and sprue bushings.



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