CNC Tool Grinder Upgrades Spindle Options For One Pass Productivity

The ANCA FX5 Linear machine focuses on achieving short cycle times and maximize material removal rate with upgraded 12-kW- and 19-kW-powered spindle options.


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FX5 Linear machine.

Photo Credit: ANCA Inc.

In accordance to a conducted spindle load analysis for fluting operations, ANCA Inc. has upgraded the FX5 Linear two-wheel pack machine with a new grinding spindle rated at 12 kW peak power, and also released a 19-kW high-powered spindle option. The company says these spindle options match the grinding spindle fitted to the FX7 machine with six-wheel packs, making the FX5 suitable for a more industrial environment.

The analysis compared two flute endmills ground with either 6-, 8-, 10- or 12-mm diameters to identify the number of recommended passes in relation to spindle load. As a result, the FX5, upgraded from 9.5 kW to a 12-kW spindle, is said to be able to comfortably grind tools up to 10 mm in diameter in a single pass. Enhanced productivity can be further found under the 19-kW spindle option for tools up to 12 mm and above; in the analysis, a 12-mm endmill was ground at a 40% spindle load in one pass under this power option, with an overall time saving of one minute and four seconds, compared to two passes at 12 kW.

The FX5 high-powered spindle reduce production cost and increase net output across a wider range of tools. As batch sizes increase, automatic whitesticking frequently refreshes grinding wheels to avoid potential damage and maximize output. ANCA says the FX5’s “one pass productivity” capabilities for tools with 12-mm diameters translates to an increased output of 15.8%, with 70 tools produced in an eight-hour shift compared to 60 tools with the new standard 12-kW spindle. The FX5 Linear machine can be used for light manufacturing applications, to regrinding and full production.