PODCAST: Quick Conversations Can Change the Course of Your Business

In between the giggles and personal stories of injuries, this threesome from the American Mold Builders Association Executive Board shares its take on the value of this association and its networking, as well as the changes to come in mold manufacturing.


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On this episode of the MoldMaking Technology/The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, I sat down with three members of the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) Executive Board: Justin McPhee of Mold Craft, Toby Bral of MSI Mold Builders, and Jim Sperber of Master Tool and Mold, Inc.

Amidst the laughter and story-telling, they each shared their perspective on the benefits of the AMBA, the value of networking and building relationships, and the future of mold manufacturing.

Here is just a sampling of the conversation:

  • Stay up late and change the world. That’s what moldmakers do.
  • I knew the technical end but did not know how to run a business.
  • AMBA is my competitive edge.
  • Keeping a pulse on the industry; gauging where industry is going
  • Closer bond and networking.
  • I get more enjoyment out of answering someone else’s question than getting my questions answered.
  • Even the quick conversations have value, and can change the course of your business.
  • “I don’t know you or your business, but it sounds like your best customer is holding yo back, You might have to leave them behind.” Ouch
  • Biggest changes in 20 years has been high speed machining, cutter technology for high speed machining, planning and scheduling, and efficiencies and standards.
  • Moldmaking to mold manufacturing … the trust we can put in the machine technology has helped to greatly reduce the needs for fit and finishing work.
  • Future trends:
    • Moldmakers becoming specialists to become more efficient
    • Less value on people’s interaction with the parts
    • Advancements in software and mold design
    • More automation

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