PODCAST: Planning for the 2030 Workforce Crisis

  Listen in as I sit down with The Manufacturing Alliance and Marion Wells of Human Asset Management to record a podcast all about our skilled workforce crisis: the 2030. 


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An ah-ha moment during a student coaching job launched a talent development consultancy that focuses on helping small to mid-size shops to recognize they have a culture, get a handle on their people (human capital) and develop the right culture to ensure a future workforce.

Marion Wells is the founder and managing partner of Human Asset Management and is hyper-focused on the 2030. If you don’t know what the 2030 is, it’s when the last baby boomers turn 65, which means if organizations have not started planning for the mass exodus of baby boomers they will be left asking “What just happened?!”  This situation requires a serious call to action.

Listen in as we discuss current shop culture, social media, working with millennials, a joint workforce development survey project,  as well as some fun facts and light conversation to get to know Marion better.






Plus, Marion has helped me organize a FREE “What You Need to Know About the Skilled Workforce Crisis” panel discussion at Amerimold 2019 on Wednesday, June 12 at 2 pm to end the first day of our show floor Tech Talk program. I will be joining Marion to moderate this panel that will present the findings of our workforce development industry survey, introduce three key survey respondents and provide insights and alternative solutions when it comes to properly planning for the future.


“Our joy comes from reigniting the passion in employees to want to come to work, be a great contributor and help that company generate revenue.” - Marion Wells, Founder & Managing Partner, Human Asset Management