Webinar: Why Are So Many Making the Switch to Conformal Cooling?

Originally titled 'Webinar: Get Cool with Conformal Cooling'
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This webinar will show you how to get cool with conformal cooling. Just make use of additive solutions to start designing an effective mold cooling system, while reducing design time and effort.

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When it comes to injection molds, the importance of an efficient cooling system cannot be overemphasized. A reduction of just one or two seconds in cooling time can lead to as much as a 10-20% increase in production rate. That alone could directly affect the profitability of the job. But there is more to cooling than time savings. Controlled cooling of the entire part is vital to the preservation of dimensional stability and mechanical properties of the part. Properly cooled parts are less likely to warp, get stressed, or be brittle. It is easy to see why a well-designed cooling system is a key component of a well-designed injection mold, leading to profitable production of high-quality parts.

Register now for this free webinar and learn:

  • What is conformal cooling?
  • How does it compare to traditional cooling processes?
  • How is it accomplished?
  • What are the benefits?