3/8/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Matrix Plastic Products Celebrates 40th Anniversary

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The custom molder and moldmaker formerly known as Matrix Tooling Inc. and Matrix Plastics Products, couples the 40-year milestone with rebranding. It has a new corporate name and website.

Matrix Plastic Products Inc. (Matrix) formerly went by Matrix Tooling Inc. & Matrix Plastic Products. The company is a plastic injection molder of critical components that also designs and builds the molds required to produce those components. Matrix is celebrating 40 years in business in 2018 with a new corporate name and website.

Brothers Paul and James Ziegenhorn and their father William founded Matrix Tooling Inc. in 1978. The company says that it began with seven employees, a rich family tradition of moldmaking craftsmanship, and an unwavering focus on customer service. Four decades and three buildings later, Matrix has evolved from strictly a mold design and fabrication shop to a plastics manufacturing facility that incorporates moldmaking with injection molding and other value-added services. The company makes products for the medical device industry that are also suitable for other high-performance applications.

The company says that it expanded its reach with value-added services in response to growing customer demands. Matrix put its first molding press on the floor so it could create its own samples and provide small volumes to its customers. The group also expanded its inspection capabilities by adding a QA lab and certified its system to ISO 9001 by 1999. The company was one of the first mold shops to achieve that certification at the time. The company says that back then, molding was only a small percentage of its operations. In 2000, Matrix secured the trade name Matrix Plastic Products and built a 10,000 square-foot addition that is dedicated to molding production. Matrix installed a ISO 8/Class 100K cleanroom in 2006. Given its heavy emphasis on medical work, Matrix added ISO 13485 certification in 2010.

Today, Matrix operates 15 presses ranging from five to 300 tons and has added assembly and 3D prototyping to further extend its full-service menu. The QA lab has also grown and features four OGP multi-sensor metrology systems to support a myriad of advanced inspection protocols. It plans to add a CT scanner soon.

The company says that its decision to move forward with the single corporate identity of “Matrix Plastic Products” is both practical and tactical. It feels that the name is more inclusive and better represents its array of services. Matrix’s new website is available at matrixplastic.com.


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