Kubotek's Kosmos Framework Now Available for Licensing

New framework designed to build precise 3D applications and integrate high-fidelity CAD data across CAD formats is now available.


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Kubotek3D, developer of 3D mechanical computer-aided design (CAD) software, announced today that the new Kosmos 3D framework is now available for licensing. The Kosmos framework supports precise 3D applications and high-fidelity CAD data from all major CAD formats.

Kosmos is different from other databases that use a unique data structure to define complex surfaces. Moving those surfaces from one of those structures to another forces a conversion and potential loss of data. Kosmos includes all of those data structures to prevent loss of data.

The new Kosmos framework includes the reintroduction of the Kosmos Core Modeler (KCM) geometric modeling module. KCM provides specialized modeling, model interrogation and basic solid/surface modeling technology. It has been designed with full support for incoming models built at different precision to operate as first-class entities to simplify application coding. It is platform independent—supporting development of CAD programs on all significant operating systems. Another advantage of Kosmos is a 100-percent, mutex-free, multi-threaded architecture. This allows programs built on Kosmos to take full advantage of multiple processors.