Power of the Cloud and IIoT Makes Manufacturing Smarter

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Democratizing factory management in the age of design and manufacturing convergence.


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Stephen Hooper, Senior Director, Business Strategy and Marketing for Autodesk, Inc. says that the manufacturing industry is experiencing unprecedented change and the convergence of design and manufacturing is creating new opportunities to reduce costs and shorten product lifecycles. Traditional supply chains are being replaced by more flexible supply networks but only for companies that can adapt to this change. Many still struggle just to keep up with what is happening on their own shop floors. Autodesk has been working on a thoroughly modern solution that uses the power of the cloud and the Internet of Things to address the new challenge presented by what the company likes to refer to as the “uberization” of manufacturing. Autodesk calls it Fusion Production. Read more here.


  • How to Effectively Use CAD/CAM

    In order for design engineers to fully use CAD/CAM to make parts, four key elements must be in place.

  • The Feature Technology Feature of CAD/CAM

    CAM software should have forward looking features that allow you to work in a traditional programming approach and to step up into a more organized environment that includes storing process knowledge and corporate experiences.

  • Five Benefits of Integrated CAD/CAM

    Integrated CAD/CAM software that combines CAD, CAM, electrode design and CMM programming capabilities in one system can save you time and effort in the following five ways:

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