Working from Home? Change Your Address

If you are working remotely or from a new location, you can change your MoldMaking Technology magazine subscription delivery by updating your address via our web forms.


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Update your subscription here.

MoldMaking Technology is committed to delivering reliable, relevant and informative content on the materials, technologies, and personnel of the moldmaking industry. Our goal is to provide this information to help you, our readers, do your job and serve your customers in the easiest and more effective way possible. 

As the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc throughout the world, we want to make sure you and your customers are still receiving MoldMaking Technology. Our staff is determined to provide the entire supply chain with a way to connect to the rest of the industry, by providing reliable, original news and data-based intelligence from the front lines of the industry.

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In addition to our digital content, MoldMaking Technology will continue to mail printed magazines to all of our subscribers. If you are working remotely, or from any new location, you can change your magazine subscription delivery by updating via our web forms. Once on the web form, simply select the box to enter your new delivery address.