Why a Trip to the Bookstore Made Me Smile


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Recently while visiting our local bookstore, I caught my son on the floor with a book. As I moved closer I saw an all too familiar picture. This picture. Others may not have taken a second glance, but there was no denying I was meant to see it.

It was a book on the story of LEGO. And although it doesn't seem like much, there were a few pages on the actual manufacturing of this kid toy sensation--including the mold and molding process.


Pretty cool. I thought. Then I glanced up at the bookshelves and another book caught my eye: Rosie Revere: Engineer


The story of a young girl dreaming of becoming a great engineer. How refreshing--after spending a lot of time lately thinking about our skilled workforce dilemna and the lack of interest from kids in the trades today--to see two books shining a little light on manufacturing.

Needless to say, I left the boolstore that day with a smile on my face.