WEBINAR: Validating Your Mold Using Moldflow Data

Autodesk will present a free webinar on December 7 titled "Validating Your Mold: Making Good, Informed Decisions Using Moldflow.


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Join MoldMaking Technology on Wednesday, December 7, at 2 p.m. EST for a free webinar presented by Autodesk. Titled “Validating Your Mold: Making Good, Informed Decisions with Moldflow,” learn how data collected using Moldflow can help optimize mold performance and reduce cycle times.

Data speaks volumes and is one of the best tools for business management. Data-driven manufacturing is becoming more and more important to mold manufacturers because the numbers don’t lie. Instead they paint an accurate picture of the who, what, where, when and why of various processes and they provide the basis for many continuous improvement initiatives. Webinar attendees will learn:

• What quick simulations can help improve quotes and initial tooling concepts 
• How to assess the impact of ejection, runner/gate and cooling on quality criteria 
• Use of highly conductive mold materials and conformal cooling 
• Balancing mold cost vs quality or economic criteria 
• Identify and avoid any deflection or core breakage 
• How to apply Moldflow optimization to reduce development time.

Register here for this informative webinar.

Speaking of data, I just came off a two-day editorial summit put on by my employer, Gardner Business Media, where I learned that our Intelligence Team has a wealth of industry-specific data to share. Most readers are familiar with our monthly Gardner Business Index for moldmaking, but the Intelligence Team, led by Steve Kline, Jr., has or is able to produce even more data that can provide valuable fodder for good business decision-making. So if your company would benefit by industry-specific data assembled by extremely qualified researchers, contact Steve and the Gardner Intelligence Team! They are ready to assist.