Using Mold Release Agents to Maintain Mold Care

Running with this month’s sourcing guide, including today’s focus on mold maintenance, repair and surface treatment, MMT presents a deeper dive into some mold release agent suppliers and products. 


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Mold release agents provide a critical barrier between the mold surface and the molded part. A properly applied mold release encourages easy separation in demolding high-quality parts. An improperly applied mold release, or a mold release not applied at all, can cause problems in separating parts from a mold. It is no surprise, then, that release agents are a vital part of quality control during the molding process, and help guarantee proper mold care.

As a result, mold preparation and maintenance is not just common, it’s mandatory. Suppliers of mold releases offer a variety of products designed to cater to specific materials, processes and applications, with factors like operator preference, plant safety and environmental impact in mind.

In line with our upcoming August issue’s product focus—Mold Maintenance, Repair and Surface Treatment—as well as the release of MMT’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide with 11 sections, including mold maintenance, repair and surface treatment, and our article on how to improve tooling supply chain transparency, we present this table of mold release agents. (Compiled by our sister publication, CompositesWorld, the table is designed to provide as comprehensive a list as possible of suppliers, their products and selected product qualities.) 

This table of mold release agents was built with data provided either directly by the supplier, or from published data. It should be noted that, due to the large variety of available release agents, the products in this table only represent external mold release products in each supplier’s product line; internal release products, conditioners, cleaners, primers and sealers are not included. For more information, contact suppliers directly. View MMT’s July 2020 Technology Review and Sourcing Guide for a complete list of mold maintenance, repair and surface treatment suppliers. 

The mold release Tech Table is available as a downloadable PDF and can be accessed here short.moldmakingtechnology.com/MMTtechtbl


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