SPE Mold Technologies Division Seeks Nominees

Hundreds of attendees from all over the world, including members of the Mold Technologies Division, attended ANTEC in Indianapolis to share knowledge and research, to network, and to learn.


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SPE Mold Technologies Chair Glenn Starkey from Progressive Components (left) pauses for a photo during ANTEC in Indianapolis with the division's Technical Progranm Chair Brenda Clark from HASCO, Chair Elect Cyndi Kustush and Brenda's son Paul, a budding chemical engineer.


Today is the last day of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Annual Technical Conference (ANTEC), which was held in Indianapolis. I attended part of the event and enjoyed seeing many friends and colleagues as well as meeting new people. Hundreds of attendees from all over the world gathered there to share knowledge and research, to network, and to learn. Many were members serving on boards of the various sections and divisions of SPE that held meetings to welcome new board members and thank those who served. The Mold Technologies Division was among them.

During our meeting, MTD members discussed the upcoming Amerimold Expo (where we will be exhibiting in booth #333, by the way) and we have only three weeks until we announce this year’s Mold Maker and Mold Designer of the year award winners at Amerimold.

There is still time to submit nominations!

If anyone reading this knows a great moldmaker or mold designer who deserves to be recognized, please email me and tell me about them. I will forward all nominations to our MTD board. Here’s what we would like to know about them:

  • How has this person contributed to the industry or to the SPE overall? (Note that the nominee does not have to be an SPE member)
  • This person must have strong technical experience, so give us some details about their career accomplishments in mold manufacturing and/or mold design
  • Finally, the nominee must have a strong reputation for conducting business in a fair and honest manner.

Not only will the winners be recognized during Amerimold on June 15, but each honoree will receive a $500 check that will be donated to the industry-related school or program of their choosing.

So help the SPE Mold Technologies Division recognize the shining stars of our industry. Please let me hear from you no later than June 3.