Simple Ways to Get Your Shop Exposure

MoldMaking Technology encourages readers to reach out to its editors with ideas, rough drafts or a request to be interviewed for a story.


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Well, more than chime in; feel free to contribute.

As you probably know by now, MoldMaking Technology (MMT) is all about content that offers solutions and strategies to moldmaking professionals charged with designing, building, maintaining and repairing molds. But, did you know that YOU can contribute to that content? After all, MMT was created by the industry for the industry, and MMT welcomes your ideas for editorial content.

Our content is rooted in our team’s relationship with this industry, which has helped us gain trust and access to shops and suppliers to share their stories — technical, how-to and tip-oriented features that give an inside look at current moldmaking equipment, services, technologies, strategies and trends, as well as case studies, profiles and tips. However, you are more than welcome, in fact, we encourage you, to reach out to us with your ideas, let us know you want to be interviewed or even submit a rough draft of an article for consideration that we can help you write. For example, consider the following:

  • Features. Features are the primary editorial content of the magazine. Features often include detailed explanations of processes or technologies that could positively impact a mold manufacturer’s business.
  • Case Studies. While articles should not be blatantly promotional, case studies are a great way to showcase technology benefits by sharing a customer’s practical use of, and experience with, a service or product.
  • Profiles. A profile provides a brief but focused view inside a moldmaking company and highlights a specific technology and capability that makes the moldmaker a valuable supplier to its customers. Typically, we publish profiles in a structured Q&A format, and they are an excellent way for mold manufacturers to promote their services to potential customers.
  • Tips. Do you have a valuable “how-to” tip to share? Do you have extensive experience with solving issues that many moldmakers or molders face? That’s what our Tip provides — a forum in which to share your expertise and “lessons learned” with fellow mold builders, using real-world examples and supporting data.

We also welcome press releases for company news, products and services related to moldmaking. News should contain relevant and timely information about industry events and company updates, including shop awards, employee announcements, company moves, acquisitions and investments. Our products coverage highlights new equipment, software, components, services and other mold-specific innovations.

And how can I forget video? Video does very well across MMT’s social media and digital platforms, so don’t hesitate to send us a video of your team working on an interesting product or with innovative technology, process or systems. We accept raw video in .wmv, .avi, .mov formats and can add text, narration and other effects. We also accept and embed videos posted on YouTube. Please note, the video is most likely to be used when it illustrates a process or teaches a viewer how to do something. Promotional, advertising and corporate profile footage are unlikely to be used.

So, if you’re looking for some exposure for your shop, don’t wait for us to find you when you can find us right here!