Request For Quotation Online Form

“Request For Quotation” online form added for melt filtration and machine nozzles .


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INCOE® Corporation announced today the addition of a new “Request For Quotation” form to the incoe.com website. It has been developed in response to the positive use of the current Hot Runner System RFQ online since late 2009. Both SPM Melt Filtration Nozzles, and XRN Machine nozzles can be specified and have the followings processing features:

SPM Material Filters - Advanced Melt Filtration
SPM filters eliminate foreign particles before entering the hot runner system allowing trouble-free processing and superior part quality.

XRN Injection Molding Machine Nozzles
XRN nozzles offer injection molders a robust and dependable temperature controlled nozzle to deliver precise melt temperature at the point of injection. The nozzle can be configured to integrate easily with your new or existing injection molding machine.

John Blundy, V.P. Business Development for INCOE® stated, “The RFQ form for these nozzles is specifically designed to help expedite quotations online. With the demand growing for expedited quoting and faster delivery times, INCOE® is investing into online tools that assist customers 24/7 globally.”

RFQ-SPM/XRN Secure and Easy To Use
When visiting incoe.com, the SPM/XRN RFQ form can be accessed through either the “Products” or “Contact” sections of the site located in the top navigation. It’s easy to use and includes security features for safe transfer of files. Information can be entered or selected on the form, and you can upload your drawings directly to INCOE®. You will automatically be sent an email verifying that we have received your RFQ form and information.

Sections of the form include:
• Contact/ Company Details
• Product Series
• Thread Specification- Standard or Non Standard
• Filter Hole Diameter
• Rear Opening Value
• Voltage Required
• Notes Section
• Upload Drawings
• Security Verification