Multi-Function Polishing/Deburring System



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Gesswein unveiled its ULTRAMAX MF multi-function polishing and deburring system at NPE, which can dramatically reduce finishing time, the company states. The ULTRAMAX MF is capable of operating brush-type, brushless, and ultrasonic handpieces all in one package.

The ULTRAMAX MF polishes slots, ribs, and intricate details with ease. It deburs in sensitive areas without collateral damage. Short stroke and fast reciprocation provide total control over the most demanding finishing tasks. Special control functions make any finish possible, letting you polish right up to a wall or finish to an edge.

ULTRAMAX MF is unaffected by today’s complex alloys and tungsten carbide. Everything from milled surfaces to rough EDM surfaces can be polished to a mirror finish. Use ceramic finishing stones, sintered or plated diamond tools, as well as metallic & nonmetallic lapping tools with diamond compounds.