More Cool Stuff at amerimold

Conformal cooling has been quite the hot topic as of late, and it was showcased this week at amerimold during the technical conference, on the show floor and through an offsite tour. It's also the subject of a recent video project MMT is working on with sister publication Modern Machine Shop for the upcoming IMTS show.


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Linear Mold & Engineering (Booth 726) caught our attention with its use of DMLS a couple years ago when searching for stories for our new Additive Manufacturing supplement. Since then their operation has grown immensely in both conformal cooled inserts and metal end use parts using direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) and selective laser sintering (SLM). It has grown so much that they are the featured shop in a special IMTS video we shot last month at their facilities, which will be shown at the Gardner Business Media booth W-10.

I jumped the gun a little bit here because yesterday and today Linear Mold has been out and about at amerimold educating and sharing their expertise with conformal cooling through their booth display, particpation on a technical conference panel and a tour to their facilities.  


Shown here is a tooling insert with conformal cooling lines inside. A cross-sectional of this insert would show the unique cooling line designs that have been formulated to speed up the cooling process. When inserted into a tool, this faster cooling insert will greatly reduce cycle time and improve overall part quality.

Linear uses Moldex 3D CAE software for in-depth injection molding simulation to maximize the advantages of conformal cooling. Additionally, the company provides mold qualification and production molding with molding presses ranging from 33- to 1,000-tons clamping force.