MoldMaking Technology is Returning with 30-Under-30 Honors Program

MoldMaking Technology brings back its 30-Under-30 Honors program, which was developed to help recognize the influx of young talent making a difference in the moldmaking community.
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MoldMaking Technology's 30-Under-30 Honors program is back!

A new generation of moldmakers is here. That was the starter to MoldMaking Technology’s 30-Under-30 honors program back in 2018, a program that was developed to help recognize the influx of young talent that was finding its way into the moldmaking community. And now, in times of uncertainty, when leadership, involvement and making a difference in the community has been the world’s guiding star, it was made clear to MMT that bringing the honors program back was not just important: it was necessary. 

So what is the 30-Under-30 honors programs? MoldMaking Technology is looking for 30 individuals under the age of 30 making a difference in moldmaking, both in their company and in the moldmaking community. The emphasis is on leadership and potential leadership—whether for a current employer or overall involvement in the industry, but they also may be hardworking industry volunteers and community members who know how to give back to the moldmaking industry.

From your nominations, MoldMaking Technology will select 30 young people in the moldmaking industry who are striving to be the next generation of leaders and innovators. We will recognize them annually in print throughout the 2021 year in the pages of MoldMaking Technology, as well as at special events.

Think of co-workers and colleagues—anyone who matches the criteria—and nominate someone you believe is deserving. Nominees must be under the age of 30 as of June 1, 2021. Further, honorees will be chosen based on the quality of the nomination submitted, not the quantity of nominations.

“Moldmaking may be known as a one-off industry, but that is not an accurate description of the current employment landscape across many mold shops,” notes Editorial Director Christina Fuges when recognizing 2018’s new faces in moldmaking. “Those who are under 30 are entering and staying in this niche trade.”

Enter today! Directions for nominating can be found at the link. Nominations close February 1, 2021.

Visit the class of 2018 nominees for Designers, Moldmakers and Human Resource Professionals