MMT's October Digital Edition Is Now Available

Check out five tips from this month's features on cutting tools, hot runner technology, data management, mold components and mold maintenance and repair.


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's October Digital editionMoldMaking Technology features stories on why low runout is the key to accurate, strong, rigid, vibration-free toolholding; the value of examining a cutting tool’s performance values, not just its cost to uncover the true efficiency of your machining processes; how to eliminate hesitation marks with multi-speed hydraulic technology; the reasons to use ultrasonic cleaning for mold maintenance; and, a moldmaker that uses data collection to ride the wave to the next industrial revolution.

This month's cover is courtesy of Rego-Fix. It highlights the powRgrip high precision toolholding systems that provide a runout “sweet spot” of only 3 microns, allowing mold shops to not only boost speeds and feeds/metal removal rates, but also increase tool life. 

reat tips from this issue:Five g

1 The indexability of cutting tools has costs associated with each insert rotation that must be considered. A shop cannot simply calculate the cost per cutting tool.

2  Magnetostrictive transducers are appropriate for heavy-duty industrial applications that require higher operating temperatures, longer cycle times and more aggressive cleaning chemistries. 

3  Industry 4.0 requires consistently collecting and measuring data using sensors and monitors and then applying those metrics to adapt in real-time to what’s happening on the production floor. 

4  Cleaning an area to be welded, and carefully grinding out burrs and rough areas is an essential part of welding. Anything problematic to the welding process needs to be removed. 

5  To better ejector plate alignment consider an alignment bar and wear pad in your next ejector plate alignment system in which the wear pad is one-piece and accurately fits with the alignment bar.

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