Military Strategies in the Shop

One of MMT's regular columnists on workforce development has a unique approach to shop manager training. Ryan Pohl of Expert Technical Training is applying proven military principles and strategies to the fast-paced shop environment.
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There is a lot of talk lately about the ongoing need for a skilled workforce along with an emphasis on soft skills as opposed to technical skills. Well, how about leadership skills? Is your shop lacking those too?  They can be tough skills to teach, but no one will deny that those skills are a strength of our military brothers and sisters. So how do we take what they have and pass it onto our current employees as well as our future shop leaders? Ryan Pohl, author of MMT's Finding, Training and Retaining Employees, series has an idea.

What do you think of an eight-week course that could turn your good shop managers into dynamic and effective leaders at all levels of the business? It would entail a deep dive into the science, art and dynamic of war, centers of gravity and critical vulnerabilities, creating and exploiting opportunity, doctrine, personnel management, maneuver warfare and commander's intent by Colonel Willsea of Expert Tech, a 23-year veteran of the Marine Corp.

It might sound intimidating, but from what I know about Ryan's passion for this industry and what his company does, it is sure to put shop managers in shipshape! 

XPRT 350: Military Leadership for Shop Managers Training begins September 10 from 12:30pm-1:15pm EST via Webinar or in the Expert Tech classroom. Might be worth a look!