Marketing Moxie—Don’t Put Your Customers Last!

Two entrepreneurs share 10 ways you may be selling your customers short—and how to change that.


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Looking for a good read for the last few weeks of summer? Joseph and JoAnn Callaway, founders of the real estate company Those Callaways, have coauthored the New York Times best seller Clients First: The Two Word Miracle. Joseph has written several books, newspaper articles, manuals and blogs—and as an entrepreneur certainly knows how important customers are to a business thriving.

“We credit 100 percent of our success to our Clients First philosophy, and we’re convinced that it can help all businesses grow in similar ways,” Joseph says. “The reason why more business owners don’t operate this way is obvious: It’s not easy. Putting your customers’ interests ahead of your own—every time—will seem counterintuitive, risky, and sometimes even frightening, especially in the beginning.”

Their business acumen can certainly be applied to your shop. Read here about the couple’s Top 10 ways in which you may be inadvertently failing your customers—and how you can change that.