Insight for Recruiting a Technical Workforce



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With workforce development still on the minds of those in our industry, the Molding Conference, co-located with Amerimold next week, will highlight some solution sessions in its program, including one presented by New York-based molder Currier Plastics.

Currier's Sriraj Patel, injection molding engineering manager and Diane Pisciotti, director of finance, will present The Pursuit of a Technical Workforce, as they both have been essential to the recruitment efforts at area colleges offering plastics degree programs, including a set-to-launch program at Cayuga Community College (CCC) for fall 2016.

Currier Plastics has been heavily involved with the plastics degree program from the start and has assisted with talent and equipment. It donated a small tonnage injection molding machine and negotiated with Yushin American and Niigata to donate a robot and another injection machine, respectively.  

Currier has also announced a scholarship program open to all employees to attend CCC College to take advantage of this unique learning opportunity. In addition to workforce development, Currier also invests in technology, including the recent purchase of a Haas VF-4 VMC to provide more flexibility with its prototype tool builds and general mold modifications, and help increase its in-house capabilities of tool repair and to make spare parts. 

Additive manufacturing technology is yet another key investment for Currier. You can read more about Currier's journey with 3D printing here in my feature in the last edition of MMT's Additive Manufacturing Supplement.