From Making to Manufacturing

The subject of our April issue profile offers yet another example of a shop that’s made a fundamental shift to a more standardized process.


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The right technology is also important to this shop's transition. Modern machiens, such as this Roku-Roku HC-658, limit the need for downstream benchwork.

“Mold making to mold manufacturing.” That’s a phrase I’ve heard over and over again since coming on board at MoldMaking Technology, and for good reason. One of the biggest challenges of manufacturing molds compared to other parts is that every job is different. That makes it difficult to adopt similar methods and strategies as a high-production operation.

Difficult, however, is not impossible. For evidence of that, look no further than the experience of Advanced Mold & Tooling, a Rochester, New York based operation in the business of both tool manufacturing and production molding. Our April-issue profile provides a basic, touch-and-go overview of what that transition entailed at Advanced—an experience that likely mirrors similar transitions that some of our more progressive readers may have already undergone.