Expertise at the Touch of a Button

A free video series on maintaining blow molds says a lot about this shop’s commitment to serving customers beyond just the provision of quality tooling.


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This video on replacing welch plugs and O rings is just one of a three-part mold maintenance educational series available from Century Tool and Die.


Judging from what I hear in the field, succeeding in mold manufacturing requires a lot more than just manufacturing molds. Design assistance at the front end, validation at the back end, and acting as much like a customer service representative as a toolmaker all seem par for the course these days. Throughout all stages of the process, OEMs and molders increasingly rely on your expertise to produce quality parts in a cost-effective manner.

What if customers could access some of that expertise at the touch of a button, with no need for a phone call or even an email conversation? That’s the reality for Fremont, Ohio blow mold manufacturer Century Die Company, which offers free, online instructional videos that educate customers on proper mold maintenance. The example above, which covers replacing welch plugs and “O” rings, is just one of a three-part series. The other two, which offer instructions for sandblasting cavities and for replacing pins and bushings, respectively, are available through the company’s website. Simply follow the prompts to receive an email with a link and password.

Customers always appreciate longer-lasting tools, and the ability to perform repairs and maintenance in-house minimizes downtime. Century Die, of course, also saves time and money when customers can avoid shipping blow molds back to its facility. Yet, I’d argue that the creation of this video series also says something about this shop’s commitment to serving customers beyond just supplying quality tooling. I, for one, would be intrigued by any potential supplier with such an offering if my business involved blow-molding parts.

Suffice to say that in an era when the extent of your knowledge and effective customer service can mean the difference between success and failure, Century Die Company has its head in the right place with this video series. Perhaps your company can similarly differentiate itself.