Discover How to Use ISO Metrics to Measure Business Success

Using ISO metrics to set objectives that you can measure will help grow your business.


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ISO metrics make your objectives quantitative. When we start to set these objectives, we want to measure and show measurable results that would really gain customer confidence and more business

When we set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) we have a yardstick to see where we are and where we want to be. Measuring determines the gap. Metrics validates the process.

A Key Performance Indicator is a value that can be measured to gauge the performance of a particular action on a set of actions. Organizations use KPIs to determine success in reaching their goals. High-level KPIs are often those that pertain to the big picture performance of a business, and low-level KPIs commonly measure the particular moving parts of the business such as:

  • Business Financial Metrics
  • Customer Metrics
  • Process Metrics
  • Personnel Metrics
  • ISO 9001 Metrics

What needs to be measured should be decided from the following criteria:

  1. How does it add value to have this objective measured in long term?
  2. How critical is it for the Business?
  3. Does it make sense to measure it in order to help with internal or external customer?
  4. Does it clearly reflect the objective of measurement?
  5. How difficult would it be to come to the stage of measurement?

Senior management have to be very patient to explain the very need, criteria, impact of the measurements to each person responsible for data collection. Often this stage is not considered as part of Quality Management System training. Extremely useful information can come to the forefront when brainstorming ISO metrics. Discuss and determine what to measure and for short-and long-term goals.

When developing a strategy for creating your ISO metrics, let your team know the objectives, how you and the data will help, and who can respond or act on the information and what course of action will be taken. In time, you will know which business processes to measure and how to use the information.

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