Online P&Y Program Addresses the Skills Gap

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P&Y Management Resources provides new online program to further educate individuals interested in obtaining a career in advanced manufacturing.

With 6 out of 10 open skilled-production positions going unfilled because of a talent shortage, more and more manufacturers are looking for ways to widen the pool of possible workers. P&Y Management Resources has a solution. It's offering free online materials that provide an easy, accessible way for potential new talent to acquire manufacturing and engineering skills.

Lewis Yasenchak (BS, MBA and past instructor at the University of Montana) teaches The Principles of Manufacturing program, which explores fundamental skills needed for excellence in manufacturing and competitiveness.The curriculum focuses on a set of elements common to all manufacturing industries that revolve around the concepts of flow and variations.

Topics include unit process variation and control, factory level system variation and control, and supply chain system variation and control and business flows. The program is targeted toward graduate-level engineers, product designers and technology developers with an interest in a career in advanced manufacturing. If the full program is completed, the participant receives a certificate.

To learn more about the Principles of Manufacturing program, contact Lewis Yasenchak, owner and founder. He is available at 706-694-2977 or at lewis.yasenchak@windstream.net.


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