CVe Monitor v2 and OnDemand Software Upgraded with More New Features

Monitoring Mold Activity has Never Been Easier


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 Progressive Components, with sister company AST Technology’s Monitoring Division, has further enhanced the functionality of the CVe Monitor v2, and the accompanying OnDemand software, making it even easier to track a mold’s performance and activity. Customize PM Schedules OnDemand software has a new tab called the Preventive Maintenance tab, featuring user-definable PM stops for every mold.

“When we first introduced the CVe Monitor and OnDemand software, users were given the ability to program the initial preventive maintenance (PM) action and the regular PM schedule, but now it’s all completely customizable, whether incremental or absolute,” Sujit Sheth, General Manager of AST’s Monitoring Division, states.

“Users can specify the timing and type of PM required. “In addition, each scheduled PM has a corresponding workbook that contains a customizable checklist of mold maintenance procedures that must be completed,” Sheth continues. “The technician performing the PM can check off what was accomplished and the workbook is signed and stored as a report for easy reference.”