CAD/CAM Streamlines Electrode Production

This German manufacturer of graphite electrodes depends on flexible software to adapt to a highly customized workload.


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This electrode was used in the mold for a children's toy, the Playmobil 5320 Vulkan.

It’s not often that we run stories about foreign shops, but the fact is many of them deal with the same challenges and competitive pressures as their American counterparts. Consider Technologie Vertriebs und Beratungs (TVB), a German manufacturer of graphite electrodes. Florian Rauchenberger, project manager, says the company has noted a significant trend toward customization in the moldmaking industry—a trend that’s driving customers from that sector to increasingly turn to specialists like TVB for electrode production.

Of course, capitalizing on that demand requires the ability to turn on a dime. For that, the company depends in large part on the use of the Visi CAD/CAM system from Vero software. Learn more here.