Answering the Call

How do we better educate ourselves, our shop employees and the industry overall?


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Remember being “called on” in class whether you knew the answer to the teacher’s question or not? Well, right now I’m calling on you, but I know you have the answer to my question … I just need to pull it out of you!

The question: How do we better educate ourselves, our shop employees and the
industry overall?

The answer: By sharing information with each other.

We all know that one of the most pressing issues in moldmaking today is education.

Education from the standpoint of continuing education, cross-training methods, innovative recruiting efforts, technology training, business instruction, skills standards, improved manufacturing programs, higher school attendance, etc.

All of these challenges can be faced head on if we communicate better amongst ourselves—whether it’s during a shop meeting, a local chapter gathering, a networking event, a peer-to-peer conversation, an owner-to-employee discussion, or a national industry trade show.

The latter is one I want to discuss here: trade shows, and more specifically the one event that is tailored specifically for you, MoldMaking Expo. Next year it will be April 23 & 24 at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi, MI, and with your interest and help we can make it a very educational event for you.

How do I define “your help”? Simply put, by inviting you to participate as a presenter in our two-day conference program, speaking on topics that you encounter every day in your shops.

The one comment we get every year from attendees is that they like the topics presented, BUT they wish more of their peers were sharing their experiences and expertise on the topics alongside the supplier speakers or as standalone presentations.

What better way to help educate the industry as a whole and promote your shop than by presenting on a technology, technique or strategy that has helped your shop survive and thrive in today’s tough business climate.

Below is just a sampling of the topics on which moldmakers have told me they want information. Consider submitting a presentation proposal for ’08 on one of these. I’m calling on you!

  • Machining advancements
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Mold design challenges
  • Industry reports/outlooks
  • Coatings
  • Mold maintenance
  • Mold analysis techniques and trends
  • Specialization
  • In-mold assembly
  • New market potential (medical and aerospace)
  • Automation
  • Project management
  • Global competition
  • Inspection/measurement
  • Finances

The deadline is quickly approaching, so get your idea in today by turning to page 62 or by visiting www.moldmakingexpo.com to download the simple form.

I look forward to your conference participation and reviewing your session ideas.