Amerimold Connects Celebrates and Commemorates

In case you missed the virtual unveiling of our 2020 Top 10 Reasons to be a Moldmaker and our 2020 Leadtime Leader Awards Ceremony, here’s a quick review.


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Amerimold Connects present a lot of content, but it has also focused a lot on community via the Forum and of course yesterday’s 2020 Top 10 Reasons debut and our official Leadtime Leader Awards announcement (scroll down under the LIVE STREAM to view the video). Here is a recap in case you missed them. 

Our 2020 Top 10 Reasons to Be a Moldmaker are:


10 Because we don’t just make parts, we make solutions.

9 It’s not the same old grind.

8 Because 3D printing just takes too long!

7 It’s ADHD friendly, because you never get bored.

6 Moldmakers are like rock stars, we both work on heavy metal.

5 Because nothing happens until the mold is made!

4 We can see problems before they hit the floor.

3 Because reverse is always forward.

2 We are the cadillac of trades!

#1 We are at the “core” of fighting the coronavirus.


Then it was onto MoldMaking Technology’s 2020 Leadtime Leader Award Winner announcement, but first to highlight the value of this Award, I’ve invited back our 2019 Leadtime Leader Winner X-Cell Tool and Mold to not only share what this Award has meant to the business during the past year but to officially pass the torch to our 2020 winner.  Then we offered our congratulations to this year’s honoree—Precise Tooling Solutions of Columbus Indiana! 


We had a round of virtual applause and a variety of shout outs using our chat box. It was a very close race among the scores of the top three, but Precise reigned supreme in the end.  This team has a complete outlook on being a Leadtime Leader—from its diversified business model, highly specialized work, talent and machines and use of technology to increase efficiency TO its IT investment, marketing strategy, customer surveys and industry involvement. Precise is on the continued path to success.  Accepting the Award was owner and CEO Don Dumoulin with his team right there behind him on the shop floor!


The Precise Tooling Solutions Team shares their 2020 Leadtime Leader Award win together right on the shop floor!

We shared a video snapshot of Precise to showcase why this specialty manufacturer took the title this year.

Then the Award’s longtime sponsor and industry supporter, Progressive Components, said a few words and continued the celebration with a brief virtual concert and raffle.

Amerimold Connects continues for three more days so if you haven’t already register, create your MyPlanner and start checking out the scheduled LIVE demonstrations and presentations with Q&A, the extensive searchable menu of on demand content, a forum for networking and continuing Q&A and conversations and exhibitor technology showrooms.

Live sessions will occur today 9, 11, 1, & 3pm. You can find the live stream and the schedule of upcoming topics on the home page. During these sessions you can ask questions using the Chat Box to participate in LIVE Q&A following each session.

On Demand content is broken down into tracks for easy searching: Engineer, Build, Maintain, Mold and Business and Current Events. These are available to view all week, and LIVE sessions are being recorded so they can viewed after they air in the On Demand Content. And don’t forget to check out our Forum for post commentary, for continuing conversation after LIVE sessions and general networking.

Also be sure to spend time in the exhibitor showrooms for technology solutions, giveaways, videos, new products, discounts, interviews, how to tutorials, etc. and to set up meetings. Last but not least before we begin, we must send out a big thank you to all of the exhibitors and attendees supporting this premier event.