5ME Helping to Harvest Hidden Profits from Production Operations



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5ME's core technologies are cryogenic machining, Freedom eWARE™ Asset Monitoring Software, CYCLO CUT® brand tooling, CYCLO COOL® brand cutting fluids, and Lean/Six Sigma implementation. The company's 40,000 sq. ft. technical center houses a variety of machining systems equipped to demonstrate its breakthrough cryogenic machining technology and new process concepts, as well as an array of hardware, software and services.

As an independent business, they will be able to offer its patented cryogenic technology to a larger base of machine tool OEMs and end users in an effort to cast a wider net in our marketing, particularly to the energy, agriculture, construction, aerospace, automotive, and medical device industries, where efficient machining of challenging materials – such as titanium, stainless and hardened steel, composites, nickel-based alloys, and nodular or compacted graphite iron (CGI) – is a chronic issue.

Pete Tecos, 5ME's Executive Vice President for Marketing and Product Strategy emphasizes 5ME has an impressive portfolio of customers and an extensive legacy of success in industry. "Our side of the business was not as visible as MAG's machinery business, but we are well known to leaders such as Caterpillar, Lockheed Martin and others," he explained. "Our eLOG™ software, for example, has made Caterpillar's manufacturing assets – and its production potential – completely transparent in real time to all levels of management, complete with performance metrics. Freedom eLOG’s proven technology is also fully integrated and supported on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The software's initial installation at Caterpillar’s Aurora facility produced generous productivity gains on targeted assets. Likewise, our breakthrough cryogenic machining technology has been instrumental in meeting cost reduction goals for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The benefits of cryogenic machining technology that have already been realized by heavy industry (cycle time reduction and extended tool life) can also be leveraged in other industries, such as medical devices, where additional advantages may emerge due to its inherent residue-free cleanliness.

"Our target customers will be those working with expensive or difficult-to-machine materials, employing a large number of assets, with high costs for consumables and energy, and committed to cultural/organizational change,” Tecos added. “Our successes to date prove there is vast potential for us to improve the competitiveness of North American manufacturers."
Background on Cryogenic Machining
5ME’s unique, multi-patented cryogenic machining process is a breakthrough technology that enables higher cutting speeds for increased material removal and longer tool life by transmitting liquid nitrogen at  321°F through the spindle/turret and tool body, direct to the cutting edge. "In addition, customers will see a significant environmental ROI from the elimination of water-soluble or oil-based coolants," Tecos added. "Energy consumption is reduced due to the elimination of the associated coolant pumps. Furthermore, the cryogenic machining process produces dry chips versus wet, which eliminates the need for centrifuge management systems utilized in conventional machining. Cryogenic technology makes new installations less expensive, reduces energy consumption, and provides an improved working environment for worker health and safety."

For more information about 5ME, contact Pete Tecos at 586.202.3285 or info@5ME.com.